Key Launch

Key Launch 1.9

Open programs by entering a few characters from their names


  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Very simple to use


  • Can accidently open the wrong programs

Not bad

If you're constantly opening new programs throughout your working day, do you realise how much time you could save by using a launch application such as Key Launch Portable?

If you've used a Mac, you'll instantly recognise the format of Key Launch Portable from the Spotlight application on Mac's. With this program however, the small interface appears when you repeatedly press the spacebar or control key. You can also configure other keys to activate the interface in the preference menu.

As you write something in the interface, you'll see the name of the program you want to launch before you've even typed it as Key Launch Portable predicts as you type. You can configure this to recall specific web pages and even documents too according to their name. For example, you can enter 'c' to open the 'calculator' or assign the letter 'w' to open 'Microsoft Word'.

With Key Launch Portable, you'll save precious minutes of your day rather than looking through your Start menu for programs. However, it can sometimes be annoying when it brings up the wrong program which it frequently can do if you have many installed on your PC.

Key Launch is a program which allows you to instantly run any application by writing the first letters of its name.

Save time and increase productivity by reducing the amount of mouse clicks and searching for shortcuts that you normally have to do.

Key Launch


Key Launch 1.9

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